Giumarra Companies Shakes Apple Category With Lemonade Apples

Sun. July 4th, 2021 - by Anne Allen

LOS ANGELES, CA - When it comes to the ever-popular apple category, shoppers feel passionately about their favorite varieties. And from coast to coast, consumers have spokenthey love Lemonade apples!

Check out What’s In Store with this exciting New Zealand-grown variety, available exclusively from Giumarra during the summer months.

From coast to coast, consumers have spoken—they love Giumarra Companies' Lemonade apples

Bringing a new consumer favorite to the market involves a magical mix of outstanding flavor and powerful word-of-mouth marketing. Lemonade’s bright yellow color pops off the shelf, adding a delightful color break in apple displays.

This exciting New Zealand-grown variety is available exclusively from Giumarra Companies during the summer months

Attracted to its vibrancy and intrigued by the Lemonade name, consumers are drawn to purchase. Once they’re enjoying the apple at home, they develop a full appreciation for its crisp texture and refreshingly sweet-tart flavor, unlike anything they’ve ever tasted. Lemonade has a growing fan base all its own, and we’ve heard from consumers across North America who want to know: “Where can I get Lemonade apples?"

Lemonade’s bright yellow color pops off the shelf, adding a delightful color break in apple displays

Giumarra is poised to give the people what they want. With plans to expand production throughout Washington and Pennsylvania in the coming seasons, this variety will soon have plentiful volumes available throughout the year. Retailers, are you ready to shake up your apple category with what’s sure to become everyone’s new favorite apple? Stay tuned for updates from Giumarra.

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Giumarra Companies Lemonade Apples