Giumarra's Megan Schulz Discusses New Apple Variety Previewing at Viva Fresh

Mon. April 22nd, 2019 - by Kayla Webb

LOS ANGELES, CA - I like my apples exactly how I like my lemonade: sweet, juicy, and in a yellow hue so vibrant I still see it every time I blink. Coincidentally, Giumarra’s newest addition to its crop lineup is its Lemonade™ apple, a unique take on two summer staples that meet all of my apple and lemonade criteria in flying colors—well, one sunshiney color to be exact. With the newly debuted variety stepping out for the first time at Viva Fresh on April 25-27, I caught up with Megan Schulz, Director of Communications, to gather as many details as possible.

Megan Schulz, Director of Communications, Giumarra Companies“We are planning on sampling our Lemonade apples from New Zealand at our Viva Fresh booth,” Megan revealed to me. “Lemonade is a crisp yellow apple that provides a great color break on the retail shelf. Consumers really enjoy Lemonade’s bright, tangy-sweet flavor, and we’re excited that our customers and other industry partners attending Viva Fresh can experience the apple and its eating attributes in person.”

As the exclusive supplier of the Lemonade apple in North America, Giumarra is bringing a small pre-season shipment to the show next week—and if all of you lucky Viva attendees aren’t juiced about that, just wait until you take your first bite. In the meantime, the rest of us will have to wait until its availability in the North American market beginning in May.

Giumarra will be the exclusive supplier of Lemonade apples in North America

As for the show itself, Giumarra is looking forward to participating in all that Viva Fresh has to offer.

“We enjoy connecting with our customers and industry friends in an intimate, lively setting at Viva Fresh. The show takes place at an ideal time of the year to discuss our upcoming offerings for the summer season,” Megan shared with me. “And, our team is looking forward to being part of the action at booth #62.”

With a new apple variety that consumers and retailers will fall in love with easy peasy lemon squeezy and a sneak peek at what’s to come next season from the Giumarra team, I’m thinking you might have to elbow your way through a crowd at booth #62.

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