Giumarra's Megan Schulz Dishes on the Summer's Citrus Import Update

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Fri. July 21st, 2017 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

LOS ANGELES, CA - Summer citrus is proving once again, to be an in-demand destination in the produce department. At least a couple times a week, you can find me circling the citrus section at retail, looking for the latest and greatest in the category while eyeing my go-to staples.

One of the items generating excitement this summer is Giumarra’s new Bright Bites™ brand mandarins. As an exciting new bag option that emphasizes the fun, playful nature of this easy-peel fruit, this is a win for the produce department.

Megan Schulz, Director of Communications, Giumarra Companies“Mandarins are a top-seller in the citrus category, and an incredibly popular healthy snacking item with consumers,” Megan Schulz, Director of Communications, shares with me. “Retailers can promote mandarins during back-to-school shopping for maximum impact.”

Bright Bites are currently available in both 2-lb. or 3-lb. bags, ideal for grab-and-go merchandising displays. The bag features orange mesh and a bright green wrap with the signature Bright Bites monster graphic.

Giumarra Companies Bright Bites

“We will be offering Bright Bites from three different countries of origin this summer: Australia, Peru, and Chile,” Megan says. “In addition to Bright Bites, we just started our imports of navel oranges and lemons grown in Chile. It is an exciting time.”

Navels and lemons will be available in a bulk 16kg (35 lb.) box. Giumarra’s minneolas and murcotts from Peru will be arriving in mid-August. From New Zealand, Giumarra is continuing its popular Meyer lemon program that began in 2012. Meyer lemons are a fun culinary item for consumers, and the convenient 2-lb. bag is the perfect size for everyone to keep a constant supply of Meyer lemons in the refrigerator all summer long.

Giumarra Companies Meyer Lemons

One of my favorite uses for the flavor Meyer lemon is slicing them into refreshing beverages whether it be sparkling water, lemonade, or a tasty Greyhound (only if you are of age, please). Have you tried squeezing them on avocado toast with salt and pepper? Megan has, and she says they are delicious.

From Australia, Giumarra is now shipping Bright Bites as well as navel oranges, minneolas, and Daisy mandarins.

Giumarra Companies Meyer Lemons

“We are excited to be working with Australia in the citrus category, a first for Giumarra this year,” Megan shares. “Overall, we’ve seen a strong start to the import season and will continue promoting our citrus offerings now through the month of September. Summer is the perfect time to get consumers excited about juicy citrus!”

Now that Megan has “peeled” back the layers on the latest and greatest, stay tuned for more from the company and the exciting citrus season ahead.

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