Gourmet Trading Company Brings Chilean Biodynamic Blueberries to the U.S.

Mon. February 9th, 2015 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

LOS ANGELES, CA - The Gourmet Trading Company has teamed up with South Pacific Trading Company to bring Chilean biodynamic blueberries to the States.

Chloé Varennes, Marketing Manager, Gourmet Trading Company“Biodynamic is a holistic approach to farming with a higher level of food safety with fewer pesticide residues than USDA certified organic items,” Chloé Varennes, Marketing Manager, Gourmet Trading Company Varennes, Marketing Manager for Gourmet Trading Company, said. “Over the season we have also noticed that biodynamic blueberries have a better quality and shelf life compared to conventional blueberries. Gourmet Trading Company is enthusiastic to offer its retail customers something new for their high-end environmentally conscious blueberry consumers."

The South Pacific Trading Company teamed up with the year-round blueberry and asparagus distributor to reinforce its commitment to ecological consciousness, according to Rodrigo Zegers Sr., the company’s Commercial Operations Manager.

"South Pacific Trading is excited to reinforce the spirit of the protection and conservation of the planet by partnering with Gourmet Trading Company to distribute its Biodynamic Blueberries to the United States," Zegers said in a press release.

The Gourmet Trading Company’s organic blueberries and the biodynamic blueberries from South Pacific will be available through the Chilean season.

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