G&R Farms Appoints Michael Sutton to Operations Manager Role

Wed. December 4th, 2019
- by Maggie Mead     

GLENNVILLE, GA - G&R Farms, one of the oldest growers of Vidalia® Sweet Onions in Georgia, has made a new addition to its operations team. The grower announced the appointment of Michael Sutton, an industry vet of more than 40 years, to the role of Operations Manager.

Walt Dasher, Co-Owner, G&R Farms“Michael is certified by the USDA to inspect any vegetable or fruit that is grown anywhere in the world,” said Walt Dasher, Co-Owner. “He has an incredible amount of experience in the produce field and, just as important, he has managed hundreds of employees while providing training and oversight."

Michael Sutton's 40 years of experience will help G&R Farms maximize efficiency and balance objectives to ensure quality control and food safety are maintained

Michael Sutton, Operations Manager, G&R FarmsDuring his impressive career with Georgia’s Federal State Inspection Service, Sutton achieved certification as a produce inspector and auditor by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Sutton served as a district supervisor and managed a broad range of responsibilities, including personnel recruitment, training, performance, and scheduling. He also conducted numerous audits on growing and packing facilities throughout Georgia.

“As a member of our management team, Michael will provide invaluable experience that will help us maximize efficiency and balance objectives to ensure quality control and food safety are job one in every aspect of operations,” Dasher said in a press release. “We are a year-round supplier of sweet onions so when Vidalias are not in season, we are shipping Peruvian and Mexican onions. Michael’s background as an unrestricted and licensed USDA inspector will ensure that our onions meet the highest standards in the onion industry.”

After spending nearly four decades working for Georgia’s Federal State Inspection Service, Sutton joined G&R Farms as a temporary Operations Manager earlier this year.

Congratulations to Michael and G&R Farms for the wonderful new addition to the team!

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