Grimmway Farms Celebrates 29th Annual Softball Tournament

Tue. September 26th, 2017
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

BAKERSFIELD, CA - 200-plus Grimmway Farms employees competed in its 29th annual Grimmway Softball Tournament, seeing 12 teams face off on four baseball diamonds in the name of play and produce.

Jeff Huckaby, President, Grimmway Farms

“The annual Grimmway Softball Tournament invites all of our employees and their families to have a fun day of competition together on the playing field,” said company President Jeff Huckaby. “At Grimmway Farms, we truly believe that strong teamwork builds success, and events like these are great ways to reinforce our company’s culture.”

The big game day took place at the Greenfield Baseball Park, which Grimmway Farms employee volunteers restored earlier this year, according to a press release.

Grimmway Farms 29th Annual Softball Tournament

“It was great returning to the Greenfield Baseball Park for this year’s softball tournament. Our employees demonstrated their commitment to the community when they took to this field earlier in the year with paint brushes and sanders in-hand to restore the ballpark, and yesterday they had the opportunity to enjoy the same facilities that they helped renovate for our local youths and residents,” Huckaby said.

The tradition goes back nearly 30 years, when Founders Rod and Bob Grimm each led a competing softball team in 1988.

Grimmway Farms 29th Annual Softball Tournament

Since its inception, the Grimmway Softball Tournament has grown every year, as well as serving to encourage employees to lead active lifestyles while promoting overall staff health and wellness.

This year, Grimmway welcomed an additional feature in that it was held at the Greenfield Baseball Park–the location of Grimmway’s Annual Community Cleanup Project that featured more than 150 company employee volunteers refurbishing the local ball field this past June.

Capped off with the “All Stars” outscoring “Venom” by a final score of 24-3 to capture top-honors of this year’s softball tournament, I think it’s safe to say the all-day event was a home run for the members of this produce team.

Grimmway Farms