Homegrown Organic and California Giant Foresee Strong California Blueberry Season

Thu. January 28th, 2016
- by Christofer Oberst     

CALIFORNIA - Both Homegrown Organic and California Giant are anticipating a strong California blueberry season once it kicks off in the spring.

The rain that California had been experiencing in the past couple of weeks is expected to continue into late spring, which will largely dictate the early season, but with good demand and growing programs, both companies remain optimistic. 

Homegrown Organic Farms

Homegrown Organic's blueberry program begins in the San Joaquin Valley and moves north into Oregon as the season progresses. Chad Hansen, Blueberry Category Manager with Homegrown Organic, recently shared what's on the horizon for the upcoming West Coast season. 

Chad Hansen, Blueberry Category Manager, Homegrown Organic Farms

“Overall, our California and northwest programs have been growing and we will have additional volume throughout our overall program for the season once it gets rolling,” said Hansen.

California Giant is gearing up for its season in the Golden State by focusing its attention on promoting the versatility of blueberries as consumers switch their eating habits after the holidays.

Cindy Jewell, Vice President of Marketing, California Giant Berry Farms

"We are focusing a lot of our consumer communications this time of year on helping our shoppers to find ways to eat fresh without giving up on flavor so our social media channels are full of recipe ideas and ways to incorporate blueberries and blackberries into everyday menus bringing in color, nutrition and flavor," Cindy Jewell, Vice President of Marketing at California Giant Berry Farms, tells me. 

California Giant Berry Farms

As we approach the highly anticipated California season, stay tuned to AndNowUKnow for any further updates. 

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