Homegrown Organic Farms' Stephen Paul Discusses Upcoming Stonefruit Season

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Thu. February 3rd, 2022 - by Peggy Packer

PORTERVILLE, CA - What I have found from my many conversations as a trade news writer is that a deeply rooted passion exudes from many of the folks you meet in this industry. When I recently got to catch up with Stephen Paul, Stonefruit Category Director at Homegrown Organic Farms, I was lucky enough to discover some of the ways that passion is driving growth for the company’s programs this season.

Stephen Paul, Stonefruit Category Director, Homegrown Organic Farms“We’re very excited this year,” Stephen begins, giving me a forecast of the upcoming stonefruit season. “We had a really nice December, with a lot of rain and snow and a lot of cold weather. Our program, in general, has really grown, and we have been expanding the program in volume and continuity.”

As it maps out the 2022 season, Homegrown Organic Farms is helping its customers expand their offerings with quality and consistency, utilizing centuries of expertise to ensure growth for the stonefruit category.

With good weather priming the supplier for a successful stonefruit season, Homegrown Organic Farms has been expanding its program in volume and continuity

“Collectively, between the growers, as well as the sales and marketing team, we have some of the most years of experience handling the commodity,” Stephen notes. “I can think of three families in our program that all have 100 years plus experience in the industry. We come with a lot of knowledge and insight on what it takes to really do a good job, not only for the growers but for the retailers and then, ultimately, the consumer.”

With this deepened category expertise, the supplier works to ensure value for its customers, creating steady demand amongst consumers by providing a consistently high-quality product.

“Where a shopper decides to put their hard-earned dollars is determined by the perceived enjoyment and eating quality of that product, and we have to be consistent with that. If we do that, demand will grow,” explains Stephen. “So, it really is upon us to help product, consumer demand, and category growth by doing everything we can to be disciplined about our harvest and our products.”

The provider harnesses centuries of expertise to ensure value for its customers, creating steady demand amongst consumers by providing a consistently high-quality product

And, as Stephen enthusiastically points out, the experts are just one phone call away.

“We have a very innovative group, and we’re doing some special things,” he says. “It’s our job to listen to the customer and work with them in an entrepreneurial way that meets their needs, and we can’t do that unless we have those one-on-one discussions. So, I really do encourage people to call me and let’s just brainstorm.”

You heard it right folks. When it comes to uplifting stonefruit sales, it’s really that easy.

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