Honeybear Brands’ Pazazz™ Apples Bring Explosive Crunch and Flavor to a Crowded Category

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Wed. February 7th, 2018 - by Robert Schaulis

ELGIN, MN - Get ready for a wow right now!

Honeybear Brands’ latest premium varietyPazazz™—is primed to pique shoppers’ interest and drive retail sales. With its unique, unparalleled flavor and explosive crunch, the Pazazz apple is bringing excitement to produce aisles everywhere.

Here’s What’s in Store.

An ideal balance of sweet and tart, brix and starch, Pazazz stands out in an increasingly-crowded apple category.

Pazzaz Apples

With national Honeycrisp sales expecting to slow and plateau in the coming years, Pazazz has hit it off with retailers looking for a new, guaranteed sales winner and consumers seeking an intensely flavorful eating experience.

Pazzaz Apple on Tree

The word is out—and spreading from media bloggers, to produce managers and apple lovers everywhere; customers can’t get enough of Pazazz. Our apple’s dedicated and growing fan base is driving repeat purchases and in more markets and more geographies than ever before.

Pazzaz Apple Orchard

Pazazz is grown sustainably by multi-generation family farms throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, New York, and Nova Scotia—and by growers who understand what it takes to grow a truly amazing apple.

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