Houweling's Brand Manager Lindsay Martinez Talks Signature Selections Varieties

Thu. September 22nd, 2016 - by Jordan Okumura

CAMARILLO, CA – With the vision of offering a premium, flavorful, snacking tomato experience to North American consumers, Houweling's is showcasing its Signature Selection medley of exclusive varieties as we look to PMA Fresh Summit 2016.

Lindsay Martinez, Brand Manager for the company, took a few minutes out of her busy pre-PMA schedule to dish on the newest products in Houweling's premium tier line of tomatoes, and how flavor is always top-of-mind for the program.

Lindsay Martinez, Brand Manager, Houweling's Tomatoes"This year, we are offering three varieties of tomatoes in our Signature Selection premium snacking range, Sweetoms grape tomatoes, Tomazing cherry tomatoes, and strawberry vined tomatoes,” Lindsay tells me. “The trio offers a versatile mix of varieties that are great for snacking, slicing into salads, and skewering on the BBQ.”

Houweling’s Signature Selection standards dictate strict criteria for packing, with flavor at the forefront of the criteria. Along with the demand for outstanding texture and appearance, and a consistent premium quality tomato throughout the crop’s lifecycle, the company is looking to add-value across the greenhouse-grown tomato category.

“In addition, we are pulling back the curtain on these tomatoes by declaring the specific seed variety on-pack, so consumers can always enjoy and expect a quality experience,” Lindsay adds. 

Houweling's Sweetoms, are a high-brix grape snacking tomato with a firm texture and sweet taste. The Tomazing cherry tomato with its unique red-orange color, offers a crisp crunch and responds to consumer demand for a variety with huge flavor. To round out the experience, Houweling’s strawberry vined tomato brings the palate a balance of sweetness and acidity with a deep red color and firm and juicy texture. A trio of taste. 

With the goal of bringing more frequent repeat purchases to retail partners and creating a loyal following of tomato-lovers, Houweling’s is driving its brand forward with the premium Signature Selection.