Hudson River Fruit Distributor's Alisha Albinder Details Spring Apple Promotions

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Tue. March 31st, 2020 - by Anne Allen

NEW YORK CITY, NY - As Hudson River Fruit Distributors prepares for its New Zealand import season, the company is a-flurry with activity. In order to get the latest scoop on premium varieties, retail promotions, and more, I turned to Alisha Albinder, Owner/Operator.

Alisha Albinder, Owner-Operator, Hudson River Fruit Distributors“This year marks our tenth year selling and marketing fresh-crop New Zealand apples,” Alisha shared with me. “We are excited to be promoting the club varieties Breeze™ and Cheekie™, alongside everyday varieties like Gala, Fuji, and Sonya. In order to help push sales at retail, we offer a special pop-up bin, which has been a proven success in marketing new varieties. Our first containers will land mid-April, and we look forward to this expanding program.”

New Zealand apples, Alisha noted, are the perfect item to add when planning out spring promotions. They offer a unique and different flavor profile at a limited time, so it’s important to play into the exclusivity of the product. Alisha added that these apples make for great in-and-out programs that offer something new to shoppers.

Hudson River Fruit currently has multiple apple varieties coming to market, available now through June

On the New York home front, Hudson River Fruit continues to see success in its SnapDragon® and RubyFrost® varieties, which have made record rankings this year in New England. According to Nielsen Data, SnapDragon ranks at number five in the mid-Atlantic in premium apple dollars and volume, with RubyFrost coming in at number three in New England. Snapdragon also had the highest growth rate in the South Atlantic of all premium apples.

“Both SnapDragon and RubyFrost have been in the market for roughly five years, so consumers have become familiar with its name and taste,” Alisha remarked. “Its fan base on social media has grown significantly, reaching millions of impressions per season. These apples also have a ton of marketing support which has made them shine in the produce aisle.”

They are currently available and will be shipping until June.

Need to make that produce aisle sing? Look no further.

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