Kingdom Fresh Adds Persian Limes and Cucumbers, Jaime Garcia Comments

Thu. February 7th, 2019
- by Melissa De Leon     

DONNA, TX - It’s not a secret that our industry is constantly changing, therefore keeping a steady balance and a versatile point of view are crucial. Knowing this, Kingdom Fresh is shaking up its traditional practices, adding not one but two categories to its roster: cucumbers and Persian limes.

Jaime Garcia, General Manager, Kingdom Fresh“We have always been a tomato house, and we will always be a tomato house, but we want to diversify and grow into a more efficient one-stop-shop for our customers,” Jaime Garcia, the company’s General Manager, says.

The way Jaime tells it, it was a rapid one-two punch. Kingdom Fresh picked up its new fresh Persian lime program in September and then cucumbers in October.

“Cucumbers go hand in hand with tomatoes, so the reception was amazing, and the process was fairly intuitive,” Jaime explains.

Kingdom Fresh picked up its new fresh Persian lime program in September, and then cucumbers in October

The cucumbers, I agree, make sense in what I know of complementary commodities. The limes, Jaime says, are where the team wanted to shake things up a bit.

“You always want to have more to offer to your customers, especially in this business when so many factors outside your control can affect what you have,” he comments. “Our first big harvest for cukes is in April; after that we’ll have them year-round, and we are really excited to offer this to consumers.”

The limes are where the team wanted to shake things up a bit

Another big plus to this newest adventure? Exposure.

“Being based in the Southwest, sometimes we don’t think about selling to the West Coast—but with the majority of Persian limes crossing going through Texas, it makes sense to go to L.A., Seattle, and more. So this has helped us expand not just our products but our business and our awareness to new markets and new customers.”

With Spring on the way and bearing all kinds of new ‘fruit’ for the company, as it were, continue to read AndNowUKnow as we follow all the latest developments in our expanding industry.

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