Kingston Fresh Introduces “The Kingston Fryer Gold” Potato Variety

Wed. July 19th, 2017
- by Jessica Donnel     

IDAHO FALLS, ID - If you are like me, you are probably on an endless search for the perfect french fry. But, fortunately, that light, buttery texture with a golden flesh and thin skin that consumers seek may soon be easier to find. Kington Fresh has introduced its new Kingston Fryer Gold potato variety, promising easy access to all those aforementioned attributes and more.

David O. Kingston, President, Kingston Fresh“At Kingston Fresh, we are constantly seeking new, creative, and innovative ways to fulfill the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers, and this addition to our Kingston Fryer line does just that,” company President David O. Kingston commented. “I am extremely proud of the work our team is doing in this area and am excited that we can meet the needs of even more proponents of Fresh Hand Cut French Fries.”

Kingston Fresh's Fryer Gold Potato is "America's Ultimate Frying Potato"

This is the company’s second offering under its Kingston Fryer Brand, according to a press release, which has been experiencing success with its original Russet variety Kingston Fryer for over 40 years. Touted as “America’s Ultimate Frying Potato,” both the original and the new Kingston Fryer Gold allow for a more streamlined cooking process, helping to lower operational costs for cooking. 

Nick Proia, VP of Business Development - Domestic and International, Kingston Fresh“Leadership at Kingston Fresh is excited to introduce the Kingston Fryer Gold, as it has been several years in the R&D phase and is now ready for release with year-round availability,” said Nick Proia, VP of Business Development – Domestic and International.  “With great fry-ability and a streamlined cooking process, the Kingston Fryer Gold expands our Kingston Fryer line for those operators that prefer a Kennebec/Yukon or pomme frite-style fresh cut fry.”

Want to learn more about the “Ultimate Frying Potato?” Check out this article to watch our recent fry-focused What’s In Store video.

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