Legend Produce Bolsters Melon Portfolio With New Offering; Barry Zwillinger Details

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Wed. April 27th, 2022 - by Jenna Plasterer

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Throwing it back to the Mesozoic Era, also known as The Age of the Dinosaurs, Legend Produce is expanding its product offerings with Gaya melons, sometimes referred to as Dino melons. Joining forces with Honduran grower Agrolibano, the Arizona-based company is beginning domestic production and is ramping up for promotions later this summer.

Barry Zwillinger, Co-Founder, Legend Produce“We listen to our customers, we look at trends, and we use our expertise to develop and grow the produce aisle,” said Barry Zwillinger, Co-Founder of Legend Produce. “With partners like Agrolibano that run a world-class operation in Central America, we have achieved great success in developing new products we can now offer on a commercial scale, year-round, and expand on moving forward.”

Legend Produce began its partnership with Agrolibano two decades ago and has since introduced new varieties of Cantaloupe and Honeydew melons, according to a release.

Legend Produce teamed up with Agrolibano to expand its product offerings with Gaya melons for promotions later this summer

Now, the company is adding Galia and Gaya melons to its portfolio, working hand-in-hand with the grower to provide consistent quality and service.

Domestic production of the Gaya melon, also known as ghost melons and dinosaur melons, has already kicked off. Promotions should be available in the late summer and continue into the winter.

Gaya melons—also known as Ghost melons, Dinosaur melons, and Dino melons—should be available in the late summer and continue into the winter

“With the increase in retail merchandising and promotions we’re seeing in the marketplace today, we envision this expansion will be a huge success for everyone,” added Zwillinger. “I believe customers will fall in love with the dynamite flavor of these new melons.”

Touting a unique name and appearance, I have a feeling Dino melons will be a roaring success with shoppers looking for new produce items.

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