Legend Produce Highlights Origami Cantaloupe

Tue. July 9th, 2019
- by Lilian Diep     

YUMA, AZ; MENDOTA, CA - It’s summertime and melons are ripe for the picking. Every summer, I’m blessed with the abundance of delicious melons to sink my teeth into at a BBQ or just lounging about. And it seems that there are more and more varieties catching my eye—Legend Produce has piqued my interest this season with its Origami cantaloupe.

Barry Zwillinger, Co-Owner & Sales Manager, Legend Produce“We at Legend continue to witness increased demand for Origami every year and are proud to continually build up volume to match that demand,” said Barry Zwillinger, Co-Owner and Sales Manager of this fourth-generation cantaloupe family. “There is no other variety on the market that can match what Origami does. It’s a full slip western shipper that provides an amazing aroma, high brix, a deep orange color, and a phenomenal unmatched flavor. Origami is a hearty melon with a small seed cavity that provides retailers with increased shelf-life and prevents spoilage on the other end to the consumer.”

Legend Produce continues to sees increased demand for its Origami Cantaloupes each year

The sweet and delicious melon is grown lovingly in California and Arizona, so you know that these babies are soaking up all the sun. Seeing as the Zwillinger family has been cultivating melons for consumption since 1955, meeting consumer demands is like second nature.

“In-store retail sales have shown that consumers prefer Origami, and the retailers’ sales data year over year backs that up,” continued Zwillinger. “We have retailers that are requesting only the Origami cantaloupe in their stores during this season.”

Be sure to take advantage during this peak season! AndNowUKnow will keep you updated on all the fruity news.

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