LGS Specialty Sales' Luke Sears Discusses 2021 Citrus Season

Mon. July 26th, 2021 - by Peggy Packer

NEW ROCHELLE, NY - Buyers, prepare for astounding citrus sales this summer! LGS Specialty Sales’ Darling Citrus® line is ready to ramp up retail displays as grocers look to drive register rings across the category. As the 2021 summer citrus season continues to make headway, the supplier’s President and Founder Luke Sears has offered some insight on the current market.

Luke Sears, President and Founder, LGS Specialty Sales“The summer citrus season is always an exciting time at LGS,” said Sears. “Our growers supply us with quality fruit, and we’re excited for shoppers to experience and enjoy the various products we have available during the summer months.”

LGS’s Chilean Cara Caras will be available from August through September, according to a company release, with great quality and size trending smaller than previous seasons. The grower also is also arming retailers with its Peruvian minneolas, which feature a vibrant appearance and good brix to acid ratio. With an evenly split size, this variety allows for availability in a multitude of different pack styles and bulk sizes.

LGS Specialty Sales’ Darling Citrus® line is ready to ramp up retail displays this season with its Cara Caras, Minneolas, Navels, W. Murcotts, and Chilean lemons

LGS’s Chilean navel season is set to run through mid to late October, with volume up five to 10 percent from last year. Additionally, the supplier’s Peruvian and Chilean W. Murcott season, which is currently producing great flavor packed inside the vibrant orange exterior, will go from August through early November. Its Argentinian lemon season will run throughout August, along with Chelian lemons through October, and is producing premium fruit with excellent juice content.

In addition to the delicious citrus varieties it has to offer, LGS is also reporting a successful Columbian summer avocado program, which is currently producing high-quality avocados through August until the winter program officially kicks off in November. Its Peruvian avocado season is also seeing success, and is anticipated to last through September.

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