Lipman Family Farms Prepares to Celebrate 75th Anniversary at Southern Exposure; Morgan Stuckert Details

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Mon. February 27th, 2023 - by Jenna Plasterer

IMMOKALEE, FL - The produce industry is preparing for a taste of southern hospitality at this year’s Southern Exposure. As excitement mounts, Lipman Family Farms shares a sample of what it will have on display. Morgan Stuckert, Marketing Manager, provides the lowdown.

Morgan Stuckert, Marketing Manager, Lipman Family Farms“This year is Lipman’s 75th anniversary. That means 75 years of family farming and feeding America with fresh tomatoes and vegetables. We will celebrate with customers at the booth and will showcase our special edition retail displays commemorating the milestone year,” Morgan details. “We will also showcase our full commodity lineup of tomato and vegetable offerings. This includes our Florida-grown Crimson tomato, Grown True organic compostable packaging, Suntastic line of greenhouse-grown tomatoes and vegetables, and our fresh-cut offerings available for national distribution.”

Lipman has been growing in Florida since the first tomato was planted in 1948 and is proud to continue practicing regenerative farming in the state today. The company is now in its fourth generation of family ownership and is looking back at the partnership and innovations that got Lipman to this point and will continue to help it grow in the future.

Some of that growth includes the expansion of its growing areas.

“With more vegetable acreage this season for our green bell pepper, squash, and European cucumber, Lipman has become one of the largest dry vegetable distributors on the East Coast,” explains Morgan. “We are excited about the growth we’ve seen in our vegetable category, in both field and greenhouse-grown veg, and we are always looking for better, more efficient ways to offer a one-stop shop for our customers.”

That’s not the only expansion that Lipman has in the works. Later this year, the grower has other plans to expand its fresh-cut offerings in the east and to introduce new items from its greenhouses in Canada and Mexico.

This year is Lipman Family Farms’ 75th anniversary, and the grower is taking the celebration to the show floor at Southern Exposure

As the company continues to widen its scope of offerings and capabilities, Lipman is ready to provide a steady and seamless supply of products year-round with quick turnaround and shortened shipping times.

Want more details? Make booth #901 a stop on the show floor.

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