Lipman Family Farms’ Sarah Miller Shares Holiday Insights and How the Purveyor Meets Retail Demand

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Mon. November 22nd, 2021 - by Jenna Plasterer

IMMOKALEE, FL - Fresh produce sales rain down during the holidays, and there are a few staple items that always make their way into shoppers’ baskets—one of them being green beans. As consumers begin scouring the aisles for the popular veggie to transform into a casserole or serve as a side dish, Lipman Family Farms is cutting prep time in the kitchen this season to give families more time to spend together enjoying the company’s high-quality Clipped & Cleaned green beans.

Sarah Miller, General Manager, Lipman Family Farms“Approximately 656,000 tons of green beans are distributed during the holiday season, with an estimated 20 million American households expected to serve green beans during the holidays this year,” explains Sarah Miller, General Manager. “With Lipman’s state-of-the-art fresh-cut facilities strategically placed for optimal shelf-life and freshness, we are able to provide a dependable green bean supply to stores across the west and mid-west regions to meet this seasonal demand.”

Lipman’s Clipped & Cleaned green beans are hand-picked with care and accompany a wide variety of complementary items to make holiday meal prep for consumers easier than ever. Not to mention, the convenient, microwaveable retail bags that the grower/packer/shipper offers give shoppers high-quality green beans that are ready in minutes.

With an estimated 20 million American households expected to serve green beans during the holidays this year, Lipman Family Farms is offering a dependable supply of its Clipped & Cleaned green beans to help retailers meet demand

Providing its buy-side partners and consumers with even more tools to add to their holiday arsenals, Lipman has tapped its Corporate Chef Wil Wilbur to create a series of recipes using its green beans.

“Consumers are expected to begin celebrations sooner this year, including an additional focus on gatherings like Friendsgiving, neighborhood dinners, and other events. This includes meal planning, which is predicted to have started as soon as September,” continues Sarah. “With the delicious recipes created by Chef Wil, retailers will be able to cross-promote our green beans with other key ingredients to boost produce aisle sales, while also giving shoppers a variety of mouth-watering options to feed those at their tables.”

Lipman Family Farms has also tapped Chef Wil Wilbur to create unique holiday recipes using its Clipped & Cleaned green beans to inspire shoppers to add the product to their baskets

Among the recipes crafted by Chef Wil are Vegetable Medley Focaccia and Pepper & Green Bean Corn Bread—both excellent options to showcase Lipman’s Clipped & Cleaned green beans along with bell peppers, onions, and herbs.

Available in 12 oz, 20 oz, 24 oz, and 32 oz pack sizes for any retailers’ needs with tested and food-safe packaging to maximize shelf-life, you can’t go wrong with Lipman’s Clipped & Cleaned green beans on your shelves this holiday season.

Excuse me while I go preheat my oven to bake some of Chef Wil’s savory creations.

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