Litehouse Launches National Media Campaign for New Flavortown Sauces; Paul Hemingway Shares

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Thu. April 11th, 2024 - by Chandler James

SANDPOINT, ID - We reported in December 2023 that Litehouse was collaborating with Guy Fieri to launch an exclusive line of Flavortown sauces. In support of this launch, Litehouse is kicking off a national media campaign to spread the word.

Paul Hemingway, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Litehouse

“With worldwide success and a massive following from his years as a celebrity chef and Emmy award-winning TV host and restaurateur, Guy Fieri is now paving the way into other ventures as part of his Flavortown legacy,” said Paul Hemingway, Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “Just in time to start firing up the grill, a national launch campaign will feature an integrated marketing plan to target and engage with Flavortown enthusiasts across connected TV, programmatic ads, social media, and shopper marketing tactics that paves the road to Flavortown to life both online and in-store. The rise of premium condiments and barbecue sauces, which are outpacing traditional brands with double the unit sales growth, underscores the market’s appetite for the new Flavortown line.”

The dynamite line of nine top-notch condiments and BBQ sauces includes:

  • Famous Donkey Sauce: A creamy, garlicky, flavor-bombed aioli
  • Top Secret Sauce: A creamy aioli with dynamite sparks of chili powder, subtle mustard, and garlic
  • Honey Mustard Sauce: Tangy mustard and sweet honey creaminess
  • Poppin’ Jalapeno Sauce: A combination of spicy jalapenos, creamy aioli, and a garlicky punch
  • Kickin’ Chipotle Sauce: A combination of smokey chipotle, a side-kick of chili, and a roundhouse of spices
  • Smokin’ Hickory BBQ Sauce: The just-right balance of sticky, sweet, smoky, and tangy
  • Mop Sauce BBQ Sauce: Chile, spices, molasses, and mustard tang
  • Carolina Style BBQ Sauce: Tangy mustard, a little sweetness, and savory spice
  • Money Honey BBQ Sauce: Sweet, sticky honey pulls together brown sugar, a hint of tomato, and spices
In support of this launch, Litehouse is kicking off a national media campaign to spread the word

“Each bottle has been masterfully crafted by the Mayor of Flavortown, Guy Fieri, to keep the mouthwatering flavor alive, bite after bite,” Paul continued. “It was an extremely collaborative process with Litehouse and Guy to make sure each sauce was near perfection.”

This punch-you-in-the-mouth lineup of Flavortown BBQ sauces and condiments became available nationwide in grocery and mass retail stores beginning in March 2024.

If you don’t already have this lineup on your shelves, I would suggest you get moving.