LIV Produce and Bee Sweet Citrus Detail Current Lemon Market Conditions; Anthony Innocenti, Carrie Briones, and Keith Watkins Discuss

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Thu. August 10th, 2023 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

UNITED STATES & MEXICO - Maintaining a year-round supply of lemons at retail is an essential component of a store’s overall fresh messaging. While market conditions may fluctuate, great supplier partners can help to balance out the highs and lows and keep consumer loyalty strong.

Due to weather conditions, some growers have seen limited lemon production out of Mexico this summer, with smaller sizes than usual

With the current lemon market in flux depending on the growing region, I touched base with some of the citrus category leaders in fresh produce to get an update on their current program.

Carrie Briones, Head of Sales and Grower Relations, LIV Produce“Due to weather conditions, we have seen a very limited lemon production out of Mexico this summer with smaller sizes than usual. California’s desert crop will be just around the corner,” Carrie Briones, Head of Sales and Grower Relations for LIV Produce, shared with me.

LIV’s Managing Partner Anthony Innocenti expressed that the company’s ability to mitigate supply and size fluctuations is part of the advantage of partnering with the operation.

Anthony Innocenti, Managing Partner, LIV Produce“We’re optimistic for the upcoming fall and winter season,” he added. “We will have excellent quality and the ability to fulfill all of our retail programs and additional demand that will present itself throughout the season.”

Noting the current stats of California Central Coast lemons is Bee Sweet Citrus Vice President of Farming Keith Watkins.

Keith Watkins, Vice President of Farming, Bee Sweet Citrus“California summer lemons are currently being harvested out of the Central Coast, and we have good volume of consumer-preferred sizes,” Keith shares. “As families transition from summer to fall, our lemons are a must for end-of-season gatherings, as their tangy flavor pairs well with grilled entrees, summer beverages, and more. The quality of our lemons has been nothing short of excellent, and we’ll have them available throughout the remainder of the season.”

To learn more about the lemon market’s wild ride, please keep your eye out for AndNowUKnow.

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