Local Bounti Celebrates Five Years; Anna Fabrega Comments

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Tue. August 22nd, 2023 - by Anne Allen

HAMILTON, MT - A lot can happen in five years, and for companies like Local Bounti, I truly mean A LOT. Since its founding in 2018, Local Bounti has seen tremendous growth through acquisitions, new facilities, and more.

I spoke with Anna Fabrega, Chief Executive Officer, to learn about what this milestone means for the company.

Anna Fabrega, Chief Executive Officer, Local Bounti“August marks a special time in Local Bounti’s history. It’s amazing to think back five years ago when the company was founded and see how far we’ve come—from building our first facility in Montana, to becoming a publicly traded company, to expanding our operating footprint with new facilities and bringing on new products,” she shared in an exclusive comment sent to ANUK.

The new facilities span the United States, the first being the operation in Hamilton, Montana; another in Byron, Georgia; and two in California, in Carpinteria and Oxnard. Two are currently under construction in Mount Pleasant, Texas, and Pasco, Washington.

Local Bounti has seen tremendous growth through acquisitions and new facilities on top of launching Grab & Go Salad Kits to increase the value-added segment

After acquiring Pete’s in 2022, Local Bounti launched its Grab & Go Salad Kits—a boon for the value-added segment. Additional varieties have since peaked further interest at retail.

“I’m proud of the work the team has accomplished over the past five years and I’m equally excited for all of the great things on the horizon,” Anna concluded.

We’ll be looking forward to all that comes from Local Bounti so stay tuned!

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