Maglio Broadens Options With New Packaging Innovation

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Wed. April 10th, 2019 - by Robert Schaulis

MILWAUKEE, WI - In the high-volume category of watermelon, Maglio Companies continues to focus on quality and convenience. Its award-winning Readyripe™ watermelon pouch is now available to grocery retailers in two sizes with three levels of technology and a new pricing structure to satisfy the unique needs of each retailer.

Sam Maglio, President and CEO, Maglio Companies“The development of the patented pouch took several years and significant field-testing to perfect it. We wanted to get the technology just right,” stated Sam Maglio, President and CEO, in a recent press release.

The press release also noted that the specially-formulated technology of the pouch regulates oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor transmission rates. The natural respiration of the melon creates an enhanced atmospheric environment, resulting in the quartered watermelon staying fresh for a longer period of time.

Maglio's award-winning Readyripe™ watermelon pouch is now available to grocery retailers in two sizes with three levels of technology

“The reason we have developed additional options for the Readyripe pouch is that some high volume retailers have expressed to us that they do not always need the highest level of technological enhancement, but still want to maintain the convenience for their customers and take advantage of the production savings. We heard these concerns and have added more options,” added Maglio.

For retailers looking for solutions to labor issues, the Readyripe pouch reduces watermelon production time. The overwrap method, according to Maglio, can take up to three times longer than the Readyripe pouch to prepare quarter slices of watermelon for display in store.

“There is an added benefit when you cut your production time in half or more,” explained Rick Butera, Management Consultant for the Readyripe product line. “Retailers can use the extra time to produce more quartered watermelon to satisfy peak season demand or use the extra time for other produce offerings that yield an additional stream of revenue and profit.”

Consumers have also shown their appreciation for the pouch. In-store programs have shown consumers prefer the Readyripe pouched quarter watermelon and are willing to pay up to 20% more per pound. The press release asserted that the pouched watermelon gives customers a superior product and retailers options for increasing productivity and profits.

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