Mann Packing Launches Iceless Trimmed and Shaved Brussels Sprouts

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Wed. February 24th, 2016 - by Jessica Donnel

SALINAS, CA - Mann Packing is at it again with its latest innovations, two new iceless Brussels sprouts products. Available either trimmed or shaved, theses sprouts are now being offered in specialized foodservice packs for a more manageable quantity without the mess that comes with an iced product. 

Gina Nucci, Director of Foodservice Marketing, Mann Packing Company, Inc.

“We’re comparing these Brussels sprouts products to what iceless green onions have done for the foodservice industry – providing a classic, iceless pack in a user friendly format without the wax carton and mess,” said Gina Nucci, Director of Foodservice Marketing at Mann’s.

Mann's Shaved Trimmed Brussels Sprouts

Closely trimmed at the stem and eliminating the need for trimming in back-of-house, Mann’s new Trimmed Brussels Sprouts are packed in two breathable bags to prevent browning at the cut point. The sprouts are whole, giving chefs full flexibility to either prepare as is or cut to spec. 

Mann's Shaved Brussels Sprouts

Mann’s Shaved Brussels Sprouts offer a blend of consistent, 1/8-inch cut leaves to go with the “planks” of the sprouts. This flexible format provides ways to use the sprouts both in raw applications such as salads or slaws, as well as faster cooking techniques like flash sauté or high-heat roast. 

“Brussels sprouts have been an ‘it’ vegetable for a few years now, and show no signs of stopping,” Nucci adds. “The latest research shows that close to 60% of operators are currently using Brussels sprouts, and our new iceless products are delivering them in a way that no one else is.”

Mann’s Iceless Trimmed Brussels Sprouts are available in two 5-pound bags while the Shaved Brussels Sprouts come in five 2-pound bags. The case is extremely low profile, according to a press release, requiring minimal walk-in space. 

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