Mann Packing Is Moving and Shaking the Produce Industry

Wed. August 9th, 2017 - by ANUK Staff

SALINAS, CA - Mann Packing is full of movers and shakers. From our products to our people, we know your produce category success hinges on the ability to deliver on-trend solutions that exceed consumers’ expectations for flavor, convenience, and value! Welcome to What’s in Store.

Mann Packing Nourish Bowls

Here at Mann’s, we’ve been helping customers shake things up since 1939 with innovative new products, like our award-winning Nourish Bowls.

Mann’s Nourish Bowls, single serve warm meals ready in 3-4 minutes, have stirred things up in produce by creating an all-new category for warm veggie-based meals. Featuring on-trend veggies and flavors from Cauli-Rice Curry and Sesame Sriracha, to Bacon Maple Brussels, everyone from moms to Millennials are getting on board.

Mann Packing Arcadian Harvest®

When it comes to foodservice, one cannot deny the excitement behind a couple of our super stars like Mann’s Arcadian Harvest® Petite Whole Leaves and Better Burger Leaf. These unique products, featuring exclusive seed varieties, offer custom solutions for restaurant operators looking to put fresh on the forefront of their menus.  

These are just a few reasons why Mann’s continues to be recognized by our industry peers as Category Captains three years running (and seven of the past eight), and continues to win customer accolades for going the extra mile.

Mann Packing continues to win customer accolades by going the extra mile.

Mann’s is moving and shaking in produce.

With Mann’s by your side your category will remain on the cutting edge of fresh-cut. Together we can “wow” them, every time!

Fresher ideas. Fresher experiences. Fresher results.

Thank you for watching, What’s in Store.

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