Mann Packing Reveals What's In Store for the 25th Anniversay of its Broccoli Slaw

Wed. October 12th, 2016 - by Jessica Donnel

SALINAS, CA - Tender hearts of broccoli, shredded carrots, and red cabbage are joining together this year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mann Packing’s nutrition-packed Broccoli Cole Slaw. Welcome to What’s in Store. With Mann’s product innovation continuing to evolve within the fresh-cut and value-added sectors, the company is looking to this time-tested favorite with a quarter-century of popularity under its Cole Slaw belt.

Joe Nucci, Mann PackingFrom the mind of the late Joe Nucci at the beginning of his career with Mann Packing, the idea of creating a healthy and unique value-added product using broccoli stalks was, at first, a way to use the part of the company’s product that would otherwise go to feed livestock. Nucci then joined forces with late industry legend David Stidolph to collaborate with expert chefs who coined the term “Hearts of Broccoli.”

Broccoli Cole SlawThus, Broccoli Cole Slaw was born, and the rest was history. The innovative product set a precedent for what would become Mann’s expertise, paving the way for other “vegetable-based” or more “nutrient-dense” salad blends such as Mann’s Power Blend and Rainbow Salad.

Widely regarded by the industry as the “Father or inventor of broccoli cole slaw,” Joe Nucci brought value and innovation by creating a value-added product from what was once a byproduct. 

Broccoli Cole Slaw

Mann Packing is continuing to celebrate Broccoli Cole Slaw's 25th anniversary with new packaging, a recipe contest, and more, so keep your eyes on this inventive company. Thank you for watching What’s In Store.

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