Marc Shiemke of Werner Enterprises and Vien-an Friedel of Albertsons Win ANUK's OPS Quiz Quix

Fri. July 13th, 2018 - by Jordan Okumura

MONTEREY, CA - This year, at the third annual Organic Produce Summit held July 11th in Monterey, California, AndNowUKnow took our Quiz Quix format to the show floor—teaming up with OPS to offer $500 dollar cash prizes to two of the fastest and most organic-savvy buy- and supply-side contenders.

Competition among attendees and exhibitors was fast and furious, but only two competitors could walk away with our grand prize.

On the supply-side, showcasing his organic produce acumen and fast fingers, Marc Shiemke of Werner Enterprises took home our grand prize. And buy-side winner Vien-an Friedel from Albertsons topped the list of retail and foodservice participants, narrowly edging out the competition her with quick wits and produce bona fides.

Marc Shiemke, Werner Enterprises, winner of our 2018 OPS Quiz Quix

The leaderboard was packed with produce folks looking to cash in on their well-earned organic knowledge, with the top ten listed below.

  1. Marc Shiemke, Werner Enterprises
  2. Tran Nguyen, IFCO
  3. Caitlin Klueber, Oppy
  4. Brianna Shales, Stemilt Grower
  5. Amanda & Junior Miller, Werner Enterprises
  6. Vien-an Friedel, Albertsons
  7. Matt Mandel, SunFed
  8. Cathy Asmus, CCOF
  9. Jacobo Yanes, Bridges Organic Produce
  10. Jeff Dugan, SpartanNash

In all our Quiz Quix quizzes, there’s always one question that proves the most difficult, and this round was no exception.

Most Missed Question

True or False: Organic fresh produce sales revealed an 8% dollar and volume growth compared to the first quarter of 2017.

Correct Answer


OPS Quiz Quix

If you missed us at OPS, you can still enjoy our Quiz Quix throughout the year, and test your agile mind and dexterous hands on all subjects fresh produce.

This year's Organic Produce Summit was held at the newly remodeled Monterey Conference Center

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Congratulations Marc and Vien-en! We’ll see you at next year’s OPS2019.

Quiz Quix Organic Produce Summit