Market Fresh Produce Gives Back, Honoring CEO Steve Phipps' Late Son

Thu. December 27th, 2018 - by Maggie Mead

SPRINGFIELD, MO - The holiday season is sadly coming to a close. For many of us, the holidays are all about presents and food, but for Market Fresh Produce, it is truly a season of giving. The produce distributor rounded out its year with a stunning commitment to altruism and good causes, an act to inspire us all.

It was an eventful Christmas party for the company, not just due to the merriment, but a thoughtful and inspiring gift. Director of Sourcing, Joel Laughlin, presented CEO Steve Phipps with a check to benefit the Tyler Phipps Memorial Fund, a scholarship fund in honor of Phipps’ late son, Tyler Phipps. Employees across the company contributed to the gift-in-honor, an obvious choice for the CEO as it honors not only his late son, but the company’s culture of service and team.

Steve Phipps, CEO, Market Fresh Produce“I just can’t imagaine a better gift, that you all would take your time, to organize this gift, to give this gift… you know how much Tyler meant to me, to this company, he lives on in gifts like this… thank you all so much,” Steve Phipps said upon receiving the gift. 

Tyler PhippsThe scholarship benefits students who are committed to the values of the late Tyler Phipps, such as team work, integrity, dedication, and the desire to pursue a career in produce.

More information about the Tyler Phipps Memorial Fund can be found at

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