MAS Melons & Grapes Marks 20th Anniversary: Launches Revamped Corporate Brand Identity and Message

Tue. August 15th, 2017 - by Jordan Okumura

RIO RICO, AZ - Never one to sit still for long, MAS Melons & Grapes is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a revamped corporate brand identity and message.

On August 14, 1997, Miky Suarez along with quality-driven Sonora-based grower partners, Alberto Vanegas, Carlos Terminel, Alfonso Ruysanchez and Rodrigo Acuña, made the decision to become partners and established a vertically-integrated agribusiness, aimed not only at exporting and marketing melons, watermelons, grapes, and squash in the U.S., but also abroad. Now, 20 years later, the company has evolved as one of the leading exporter of melons, grapes, squash, asparagus, cucumbers, avocados, and broccoli to the North American, European, Oceanian, and Asian markets.

Miky Suarez, President and Majority Owner, MAS Melons & Grapes

“In Spanish MAS means more and this is exactly what we have focused on over the last 20 years,” said Miky, President and Majority Owner. “Our company has invested in having an expanded product portfolio sourced from strategically located growing areas across Mexico, in state-of-the-art packing facilities and equipment, in global outreach and improved customer service through additional sales staff and offices, and in achieving internationally recognized food safety and quality certifications.”

As a way to communicate the evolution undertaken by the company, MAS Melons & Grapes has hired a marketing consulting firm to refresh its corporate brand identity while strengthening its visibility to better reflect its position as a leading grower and marketer in North America.

Alfonso Ruysanchez holding broccoli

“Our reputation as an integrated growing, shipping, and exporting operation, along with our new brand identity, will help redefine our global presence to closely align us with our diversified fresh produce production throughout Mexico and other countries,” added Miky. “To enhance our new corporate brand identity communication, we have come out with a new customer-oriented tagline: Expect More?.. Expect MAS! to help convey the essence of our company to the global produce supply chain.”

The global company has allied growers in more than ten growing locations in Mexico, including Hermosillo, Guaymas, Ciudad Obregon, and Navojoa in the state of Sonora; Culiacan in the state of Sinaloa; Santiago Ixcuintla in the state of Nayarit; Tecoman and Armeria in the state of Colima; Tacambaro in the state of Michoacan; and Leon and San Luis de la Paz in the state of Guanajuato. Third generation MAS Melons & Grapes grower partners use technologically advanced farming and post-harvest methods to provide customers with safe and premium-quality produce, and the sweetest flavor on every bite.

MAS Melons & Grapes