National Mango Board Offering Retail Resources for Increased Sales

Wed. June 14th, 2017
- by Laura Hillen     

ORLANDO, FL - Grown globally and loved locally, the National Mango Board is ready to deliver a worldwide mango devotion straight to your store, with year-round availability that’s never out of season. Mangos are one of the most popular fruits in the world, which means huge opportunities for sales growth in the U.S.

Mangos are one of the most popular fruits in the world

To heat up your marketing potential, the National Mango Board offers a wide selection of tools and resources for retailers to educate their customers on proper techniques. Like Point of Sale materials so shoppers can learn how to select, ripen, cut, and use their mangos. Or, let your consumers take advantage of mango recipes, nutritional facts, and more as they shop.

Spruce up the mango know-how of your store associates with Training Materials and reference guides. Or check out the short series of Mango University videos, featuring the zany expertise of Professor Mango on the best practices for mango handling, merchandising, and ripening–from the first warehouse delivery straight through to the customer’s cart. 

Earn your own Mango University Certificate

To entice your own mango associates into course completion, graduates who qualify will receive a customized diploma with the added bonus of a crisp, $10 bill

After earning their spot as Mango University alumnus, keep your team refreshed on their mango tips with the National Mango Board’s high-graphic backroom posters, such as Mango Made Easy and Treat Me Like a Banana.

Still ripe for more? Go to for a treasure trove of tools, resources, recipes, and images to keep you and your store on the upside of category development, consumer research, mango varieties, promotion concepts, and more!

And that, mango friends, is What’s In Store for the National Mango Board. Visit to sign up for newsletters and see how the National Mango Board can help you grow your mango business.

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