Nature Fresh Farms' Mike Specht and Sysco's Danny Ortiz Win October Snack Cover Contest

Wed. October 27th, 2021 - by Peggy Packer

SACRAMENTO, CA - The results are in, and two industry players have taken the ANUK cake. In what may have been our fastest responses yet, members from both the supply- and buy-sides flooded our inboxes not five minutes after the contest was announced. The Snack Contest champions have been crowned, so, who are they?

Mike Specht, Content Specialist at Nature Fresh Farms, was one of the first to land in our inboxes last Friday. The supply-side winner humbly accepted his winnings and teased a bit of the recent activities going on in the world of Mike.

Mike Specht, Content Specialist at Nature Fresh Farms, was the supply-side winner for this round

“I am about to do some home renovations, so I will be using this money as a responsible adult!” he told us excitedly.

None other than Danny Ortiz, Quality Assurance Inspector at Sysco, was our buy-side champion. A frequent participant of The Snack contest, we couldn’t wait to hear what Danny had to say about his most recent win.

“Thank you to ANUK for the wonderful news the whole team provides us with each day, and of course The Snack contest that is so thrilling,” said The Snack contest vet. “And by the way, it feels good to be back!”

And it’s good to have you back in the winning circle, Danny.

Danny Ortiz, Quality Assurance Inspector at Sysco, claimed the title of buy-side winner for this contest

For those who did not snag first or second place this round, there’s always the next issue! You can request a subscription to The Snack Magazine here (valued at $129 per year) to get in on the fun for November.

Contest rules require submissions showing your face while pointing at the ANUK logo on the cover of The Snack Magazine. The countdown does not begin until we announce the contest in our newsletter, and the subject line must state “FOUND the Apple Logo.”

Congratulations to the winners of our October round!

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