Ocean Mist® Farms Announces Availability of Purple Artichokes

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Mon. March 7th, 2022 - by Anne Allen

CASTROVILLE, CA - A coveted crop is making its return to store shelves. Recently, Ocean Mist® Farms has announced the availability of its proprietary purple artichokes, presenting buyers with a seasonal, limited chance to bolster the category with a product that offers superior appearance and flavor to match.

Back for the third consecutive year, purple artichokes feature a vibrant purple exterior that transforms into shades of green and purple when cooked, depending on the seasoning and cooking methods. As noted in a press release, these artichokes have the look and flavor of a Mediterranean old-world variety, with tender, meaty leaves, and a rich, earthy artichoke flavor.

Ocean Mist® Farms recently announced the return of its proprietary purple artichokes, a limited addition to the grower's artichoke family

Ocean Mist Farms has cultivated top-notch artichoke varieties in California for nearly 100 years—an experience the company surely tapped into when developing the purple variety to stand alongside its robust lineup of traditional green varieties and other products.

As forecasted, the supplier expects the peak production for its purple artichokes to be between March 27 and April 23. At the start of the season, sizes 12 and 18 will be the first purple artichokes harvested, and will then transition to a medium size to fit into a 4 ct clamshell, in addition to the loose artichokes with the tag.

Ocean Mist Farms expects peak purple artichoke production to be between March 27 and April 23, available in 4 ct clamshells or loose with the tag

This alluring variety is grown in Castroville, California, with distribution available nationwide.

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