Ocean Mist Farms' Bob Polovneff and Diana McClean Discuss Artichoke Season

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Tue. August 22nd, 2017 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

CASTROVILLE, CA - One of the reasons I love summer so much is the abundant opportunities for grilling get-togethers, backyard BBQs, block parties, and as an added bonus, plentiful supplies of one my favorite veg items: artichokes. This popular petaled vegetable is a delicious way to bring flavor and variety to the consumer’s basket, not to mention the nutrients of a powerhouse vegetable.

To give us the latest insights on the season, I spoke with Ocean Mist Farms’ Artichoke Commodity Manager, Bob Polovneff, as well as Director of Marketing Diana McClean, who discuss timing on promotional opportunities, the state of the season, and more.

Bob Polovneff, Artichokes Commodity Manager, Ocean Mist Farms“Currently we have excellent quality and plentiful supplies as we move through the second half of the summer,” Bob shares with me. “The increased volumes in the market make now a great time to bring promotions to the produce aisle and build big displays front-and-center.”

As many of us in North America experience, August is grilling time, and artichokes offer an excellent meal solution.

Diana McClean, Director of Marketing, Ocean Mist Farms“As we get back into the kitchen and move into the fall season, Artichokes continue to be a simply prepared nutritious vegetable that can have a space on any plate,” Diana says. “Recent Nielsen Homescan Panel data for the 52 weeks ending July 1st shows us that artichoke consumers have a significantly larger basket size than the average consumer, spending 250 percent more than the average consumer. This makes the artichoke shopper extremely important for retailers.”

Ocean Mist Artichoke Harvesting

So, how is Ocean Mist further helping retailers tap into the artichoke-loving demographic?

“We offer artichokes loose, in 3-count clamshells, 2-count Season & Steam Microwaveable bags, plus when available baby artichokes to further diversify the produce spread,” Diana tells me, noting that variety in the produce department can help draw the consumer in. “On our website under the trade section we have merchandising tips, price cards, shelf cards and recipe cards to order. Plus a beautiful display carton that holds about three cases. Retailers can use these for primary or secondary displays for artichoke destinations.”

Ocean Mist Artichokes

While the weather this year has been the biggest challenge for many growers in terms of supply, Ocean Mist Farms is shaping up to bring more value to the retailer, and as always, the evolving consumer palate.

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