Oppy and Orchard View Celebrate 100-Year Milestone; Brenda Thomas and James Milne Comment

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Wed. April 12th, 2023 - by Lilian Diep

THE DALLES, OR - What’s that, a celebration is in order? For Orchard View Cherries, you say? Well, light up the candles, and bring out the cherries! Oppy and Orchard View are celebrating its 100th cherry season this year, and the timing couldn’t be sweeter.

Brenda Thomas, President, Orchard View Cherries“Our flower counts show potential for a very nice crop,” said Brenda Thomas, Orchard View Cherries’ President. “We are excited that our 100th anniversary season shows so much promise. We expect to begin mid-June, with peak availability June 24 to July 31, prime timing for July 4 promotions.”

Even though Orchard View will be beginning as much as two weeks later than usual due to chilly early spring weather, the company’s centennial season is shaping up to be large in volume and excellent in quality.

Oppy and Orchard View are celebrating their 100th cherry season this year, anticipating peak season just in time for Fourth of July promotions

Orchard View was established by Thomas’ great-grandparents in 1923. Her team now manages over 3,500 rain-shadowed acres along the Columbia River, with cherries planted in microclimates carefully suited to each variety.

According to the release, the season will kick off with Chelan, followed by Bing, Kordia, Lapin, Regina, Skeena, and Sweetheart, carefully staged to assure the best cherry available at any given time is the one delivered to the market.

“Our cherry family includes many in our community who join us as we grow, harvest, and pack,” Thomas continued. “A lot of expertise and a lot of heart goes into producing what we believe are the world’s best cherries. We are grateful for everyone who contributes, from our neighbors in The Dalles to those who travel to work with us each season, as well as the retailers who stock and promote our brand year in and year out.”

While honoring the farm’s heritage this season, the team will plant new trees with an eye to the future, featuring such varieties as the Pearl and Royal series, newer varieties for Orchard View.

James Milne, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Categories, Oppy“We are proud to be linked to a grower of Brenda’s stature and discernment,” said James Milne, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Categories at Oppy. “Our team is in the trenches with hers through the intense eight-week harvest period. We have every confidence in the superior quality of the fruit: from the unique terroir of The Dalles to the unparalleled on-orchard expertise to the Unitec Cherry Vision3 sorter in the pack house—Orchard View is perfectly positioned to give our customers the best cherry experience possible.”

For more insights, check out the video above.

Congrats on 100, and I speak for all of us as we’re eager to get our hands on some delish cherries this season.

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