Oppy Offers Italian-style Prune-Plums in its Blue Goose Label

Tue. August 18th, 2015
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

VANCOUVER - Oppy is offering Italian-style prune-plums once again in its Blue Goose label.

This deep purple, free-stone fruit, which Oppy calls “sweet, juicy, and brimming with late-summer flavor,” is available in 2-, and 1.5-pound high graphic bags, as well as 30-pound bulk boxes, through mid-September, according to a press release.


The company hopes that this traditional “old world fruit” will be discovered by younger shoppers looking to try something different. Evan Myers, Executive Category Director of South American Imports, explained that because prune-plums have a “uniquely sweet and juicy flavor, they earn attention and repeat purchase.”

Evan Myers, Executive Category Director of South American Imports, OppyMyers says, “Wholesalers who serve neighborhood grocers in places like Chicago or New York can have excellent results with prune-plums.”

This year, Oppy is packing at Orchard View Farms, its premium Oregon cherry grower partner. Orchard View has the rights to the Blue Goose trademark.


“As a result, all the expertise and efficiency Orchard View is renowned for is being applied to the plum-packing process, and it’s showing in the quality,” said Myers.


Prune-plums are grown by local small-scale farmers in Oregon’s Milton-Freewater area and enjoy popularity throughout the major eastern U.S. and Canadian metropolitan areas, including Oppy's headquarters in Vancouver.