Owyhee Produce Announces Immediate Availability of Wicked Sweet™ Tearless Red Onions

Thu. March 18th, 2021 - by Lilian Diep

PARMA, ID - Exciting news is in store for the onion category, as Owyhee Produce has announced the immediate availability of its tearless, red sweet onion, grown here in the United States. This availability allows Owyhee to kick off its first year’s launch into 141 retail stores across the nation.

Blake Branen, Chief Marketing Officer, Owyhee Produce“The demand for tearless sweet onions is here,” remarked Blake Branen, Chief Marketing Officer of Owyhee Produce. “Sweet onions in the U.S. are a popular choice for many consumers. I am proud to be part of the onion world developing the growth of this onion category. Our Wicked Sweet is a true, tearless, sweet red onion without sacrificing flavor or quality. We love the look of this onion! Its flat squatty appearance is traditional to most import sweets. The color is beautiful shades of rose gold with defined pink layers. Wicked Sweet is a welcome addition to our year-round onion program! We are excited this onion is getting into the hands of more consumers across the country. It’s really worth eating!”

For three years, Owyhee tested the growth of Wicked Sweet in Idaho and Oregon before deciding this year to increase the acreage of the product, which blended seamlessly into its sweet onion program. According to a press release, the onions are harvested in early October and then placed in cold storage, which allows the sugar levels to increase and the pyruvic levels to decrease.

Kristopher Ott, Owner and Chef, Chop Shop BBQ“I bit into the onion like an apple,” noted Kristopher Ott, Owner and Chef of Chop Shop BBQ in Caldwell, Idaho. “These tearless red onions are fantastic! The lovely, sweet flavor is great for grilling or just shaved raw in a sandwich.”

The interest for this variety began at a trade show four years ago, the company went on to note, when a visit from Alistair Findlay turned into a partnership with the grower.

Owyhee Produce has announced the immediate availability of its tearless, red sweet onion, grown here in the United States

“We visited the Owyhee Produce stand at the 2017 PMA show and were immediately impressed with the zeal for innovation,” said Findlay, the Developer of Wild Sweet. “Owyhee has an in-depth knowledge of growing and marketing sweet onions. Their family farm grows a range of onions. Their Idaho/Oregon soil is perfect for developing a completely original sweet onion from our onion seed.”

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