Pacific International Marketing's Greg Villalobos, Garrett Bernard, and Ray Cunanan Detail Current Broccoli and Cauliflower Market

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Fri. January 7th, 2022 - by Peggy Packer

SALINAS, CA - Bringing you the latest market updates and useful retail strategies is what we at AndNowUKnow set out to do daily. As I looked to dissect the details of the current broccoli and cauliflower markets, I had a chance to speak to Greg Villalobos, Garrett Bernard, and Ray Cunanan, Sales Executives and Commodity Managers at Pacific International Marketing, who offered me some exclusive insights.

Greg Villalobos, Sales Executive and Commodity Manager, Pacific International Marketing“We are currently growing broccoli in both Yuma and Scottsdale, Arizona,” Greg begins. “The quality has been excellent out of both areas with plentiful supplies. The warmer-than-normal temperature we have been experiencing in the desert since the end of November has brought the crop forward, creating a surplus.”

Retailers can optimize these volumes by placing broccoli on ads, highlighting the commodity in digital retail apps, or allowing retailer coupons. Pacific grows broccoli in multiple regions to provide a year-round program to meet its broccoli floret, bunch, and crown needs, which are all freshly packed for its retail, foodservice, and club store customers.

Pacific International Marketing has seen plentiful supplies and excellent quality in its Yuma and Scottsdale, Arizona, broccoli growing regions

In addition to Yuma and Scottsdale, Pacific also grows broccoli in Santa Maria, California, which has recently seen pressures due to cold weather.

Garrett Bernard, Sales Executive and Commodity Manager, Pacific International Marketing“Our Santa Maria, California, growing region is very short on supply,” Garrett points out to me, “as the recent rain coupled with cooler nights is causing decreased yields and availability.”

As Greg, Garrett, and I wrapped up the details of the company’s broccoli production, Ray Cunanan also provided me with an exclusive look at the current cauliflower market, also detailing tight supplies as a result of cooler weather.

Ray Cunanan, Sales Executive and Commodity Manager, Pacific International Marketing“Early warm temperatures and some light rain brought cauliflower acreage forward,” Ray notes. “Supplies were heavy, as we harvested well before the scheduled harvest dates. As normal winter temperatures set in, the crops slowed down, leaving us with short supplies.”

Ray goes on to let me know that there have been good cauliflower supplies to date, but the industry could see some gaps in supplies if cold temperatures persist.

Pacific International Marketing has also reported tight cauliflower supplies as a result of cooler weather

Pacific grows cauliflower in both Santa Maria, California, and the Arizona desert to hedge against inclement weather, and its cauliflower is also packed fresh for its retail and foodservice customers.

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