Peri & Sons Farms’ Jessica Peri Dishes on New Products

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Fri. September 18th, 2020 - by Lilian Diep

YERINGTON, NV - Onion is one of the most versatile categories in the kitchen and a staple amongst shopping carts. Whether used to add a savory element to a dish or on their own for an appetizer, onions lay claim to a multitude of uses for any chef. With the season well underway for Peri & Sons Farms, I tapped Sales Manager Jessica Peri to get the inside scoop on the company’s latest products to hit produce shelves.

Jessica Peri, Retail Sales Manager, Peri & Sons Farms“We are very excited about our new Gourmet Organic Red and White Pearl onion and our Organic Cipollini onion program, which is debuting this fall,” says Jessica. “We are offering these new varieties in biodegradable, recyclable, no-plastic clamshells that will be sure to appeal to many consumers looking for less packaged produce. Also, new this year for us, we expanded our shallot program to include organic shallots.”

With so many new products available, retailers will have no trouble boosting their onion space. And, if that wasn’t enough variety, Peri & Sons is also sweetening the pot with another consumer favorite.

“This season, we are seeing excellent demand for our propriety Sweetie Sweet® onions, which are available in both premium and organic,” Jessica tells me. “This year, we have been breaking into new markets and our retailers are having good success with our Sweetie Sweets.”

Peri & Sons Farms is rolling out new Gourmet Red and White Pearl onions as well as an Organic Cipollini onion program while also expanding its shallot program to include organic shallots

The quality looks promising for the grower’s long day/storage onions, which includes both organic and conventional whites, yellows, and reds. Peri & Sons will be offering domestically grown onions from three growing regions for year-round supplies. Harvest has already begun in Yerington, Nevada, which will supply retailers from September to April. In California, El Centro will produce crops for May, and Firebaugh will cover June through August.

“Market pricing tends to slip during harvest as many shippers are entering the market, but it usually stabilizes by mid-October,” Jessica explains. “The Farmers to Families Food Box Program will be extended through October, and onions have been in popular demand to fill the boxes.”

Peri & Sons Farms is continuing its materials reduction initiative by reducing the amount used in its branded packaging by 30 percent

Peri & Sons branded packaging is available on all varieties and brands, providing key information to connect with the consumer. With the grower’s new materials reduction initiative, the packaging uses 30 percent less material, offering another incentive for consumers to put the product right into their cart.

As Peri & Sons continues to step up to the proverbial plate with new products in tow, retailers and consumers will rejoice at what there is to offer. Stay with us at ANUK as we bring the latest the industry has to offer.

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