Peri & Sons Farms Shares Details on Nevada Whites

Tue. July 30th, 2019 - by ANUK Staff

YERINGTON, NV - Peri & Sons Farms’ famous white onions, also known as Nevada Whites, are truly like no other.

These hearty white onions were the first crop that David Peri planted when he started Peri & Sons Farms in Yerington, Nevada, back in 1979. Now, decades later, David's whites are a highly sought-after onion in the produce industry.

The unique climate of the Mason Valley, with its warm dry days and crisp clear nights, helps to give our onions their unique pearlescent coloring, globe shape, and firm feel. Nowhere else do white onions grow like these.

In addition to being beautiful, Peri & Sons’ white onions are full of flavor, never bitter, and cook up even better than yellow onions. Our white onions contain less water by weight, and their higher pyruvic acid levels make them spicy and flavorful with little-to-no aftertaste.

The unique climate of Mason Valley, Nevada, helps give Peri & Sons’ onions their unique pearlescent coloring, globe shape, and firm feel

Peri & Sons Farms is the first recipient of SCS Global’s Sustainably Grown certification for domestic onions. Our dedication to being Non-GMO, Pesticide-Residue Free, USDA Certified Organic, Sustainably Grown, and to Food Safety has earned us the GFSI/GlobalGAP certification. Our commitment to land-stewardship spans back three generations.

Awareness for white onions is growing and demand for Nevada Whites is on the rise. Factors fueling this growth include food movements, such as clean-eating, power bowls, plant-based diets, as well as the multitude of online resources that are introducing consumers to recipes from around the world. Afterall, white onions are often a key ingredient in international cuisine.

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