Peri & Sons Farms Shares Details of New Retail Packaging

Wed. October 23rd, 2019 - by ANUK Staff

YERINGTON, NV - With health and wellness continuing to impact consumers' decisions at the grocery store, Peri & Sons Farms’ promotional Breast Cancer Awareness onion packages are doubly attractive.

First, onions are a natural immune booster, detoxifying the body, and promoting good gut health, which helps to prevent cancer. Health is top of mind and onions top the list for prebiotic benefits.

Second, consumers enjoy being engaged. Voting for the BCA Charity to receive Peri & Sons Farms’ $5,000 annual donation is fun and easy. Their vote costs nothing and they get a free gift.

With health top of mind for many consumers, the health benefits of onions make them an attractive option at retail

Peri & Sons’ high-graphic BCA packs are filled with Sweetie Sweet® onions and are now available in premium and organic. They make eye-catching displays and can be supported with POS materials. These pink packs are one more way that retailers can tie into the growing national campaign.

We go further than most to help retailers sell more packs and increase profits. Our new BCA website provides free information on everything from health and wellness to videos and recipes to help your customers cook delicious, healthy meals. We’re supporting the promotional packs with B2C social media, online ads, recipe development, videos, and a “I Pink I Can” sweepstakes.

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