Peruvian Avocados Arrive to U.S. Market with Big Plans for Boosting Sales

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Fri. May 28th, 2021 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

WASHINGTON, DC - If an object—or strategy—in motion stays in motion, then the avocado sector is on what looks to be an endless tread. With the arrival of Peruvian-grown avocados to the U.S. market, Avocados from Peru, also known as the Peruvian Avocado Commission (PAC), has outlined a number of partnerships, promotions, and continued growth to ensure retailers are there to meet consistently rising demand.

Bob Lucy, President, Del Rey Avocado“It is important for the avocado category to promote organic avocados because it is without a doubt the fastest growing sector. Avocados from Peru will offer a robust organic promotion program that will be detailed as the season progresses,” PAC Importer Board Member Bob Lucy of Del Rey Avocados commented.

Peru, PAC said, is prepared to help retailers sell more avocados this year by increasing its footprint, with expectations forecasted to outpace last year’s volume of 180 million pounds. Peru will export close to a billion pounds worldwide, of which 200–230 million pounds will be exported to U.S. distributors, representing a double-digit increase above 2020, according to the organization.

Xavier Equihua, President, Peru Avocado Commission (Photo credit: Interempresas)“As it’s customary, Peru’s fruit will be heavily promoted from Memorial Day to Labor Day in the U.S.,” said Xavier Equihua, President of PAC.

A vast majority of the promotions to distribute this volume have been planned with major retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Because of the expected increase in volume, Avocados from Peru pointed out that it is in a great position to explore additional opportunities with new retailers and foodservice operators.

This year, Peru will export close to a billion pounds worldwide, of which 200–230 million pounds will be exported to U.S. distributors

Some of the highlights PAC is offering this year include:

  • TV spots during the Tokyo Olympic coverage on NBC and Telemundo, broadcasting in more than 20 major U.S. markets, consisting of a creative and high-impact marketing and advertising campaign
  • A more robust instant rebate coupon (IRC) program
  • Investing in a specific promotional program for Organic Avocado promotions

The expansion of the IRC program comes off of last year’s successfully implemented strategy to introduce the avocado category to giving back to consumers during the pandemic.

Daniel Bustamante, PAC Exporter Board Member, Agricola Cerro Prieto“This is the first time that a produce association under a federal promotional program will invest marketing funds in a program for organic avocados,” stated PAC Exporter Board Member Daniel Bustamante of Agricola Cerro Prieto, a key producer of organic avocados in Peru.

2021 will also see a new PAC innovation: One of the first educational bands for mesh bags, in conjunction with several major retailers, utilizing the packaging real estate to educate consumers on how to use and ripen avocados. Additionally, PAC said that it will offer a free downloadable 100-page cookbook for consumers by using a QR code or from the PAC website. To read more about this strategy, what Peruvian-grown avocados bring to the table, and more, read the full release here.

With so many pieces in place, the 2021 season promises to continue to fuel the momentum we have seen in the avocado market. With a robust crop of what PAC declares as the “World’s Favorite Avocado” already arriving in the U.S., product is set to be available in promotional volumes now until late September.

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