Pete Pappas & Sons Joins U.S. Food Loss and Waste 2030 Champions Program; Paul and Helen Pappas Detail

Fri. May 13th, 2022 - by Jenna Plasterer

JESSUP, MD - Pete Pappas & Sons is advancing its dedication to maintaining a sustainable operation, as it has become one of the newest members of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Loss and Waste Champions 2030 program. By joining this ambitious alliance, the company is building on its commitment to reducing food loss and waste.

Paul Pappas, President, Pete Pappas & Sons“At Pete Pappas & Sons, we see sustainability as an opportunity to take a comprehensive look and create operational efficiencies, combat food waste, and lessen our environmental footprint,” said President Paul Pappas.

The produce purveyor has joined the notable program to set an example to combat food waste within the food industry for years to come, as outlined in a press release. Last year, Pete Pappas & Sons successfully diverted a large amount of food waste into alternative waste streams instead of landfills.

Helen Pappas, Director of Marketing and Sustainability, Pete Pappas & Sons“As a produce grower, manufacturer, and wholesaler, food waste is the single largest waste category at our Maryland facility,” said Helen Pappas, Director of Marketing and Sustainability. “We combat food loss and waste daily and work closely with local nonprofits, farms, and composting facilities to ensure that food from our facility never ends up in a landfill. Our diversion protocols are flourishing and making a huge difference for us.”

To read more about the company’s sustainability initiatives and goals, click here. More information on the USDA/EPA Food Loss and Waste Champions program can be found here.

Pete Pappas & Sons joins the Food Loss and Waste Champions 2030 program, building on its commitment to reducing food loss and waste

As more companies employ strategic initiatives to drive sustainability and decrease food waste, AndNowUKnow will surely be here to report.

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