Pete's Living Greens Names Brian Cook Company President

Wed. August 8th, 2018 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

CARPINTERIA, CA - Amidst the work of new products and a massive rebrand, Pete’s Living Greens has announced Brian Cook as its new President.

Brian Cook, President, Pete's Living Greens“I feel very blessed and excited about this new opportunity. I hold our Board members in high regard, so to get the nod from them was very humbling,” Brian shares about the appointment. “We have a wonderful team dedicated to giving consumers what they want. Pair that with great partners in the sales channels we serve, and the future is bright for us all.”

Brian has served as interim-President since October, improving both top- and bottom-line results and moving up quickly since he joined the team as Vice President of Sales in February, 2016. Among his achievements are strengthening company relationships and increasing sales across sale channels served, as well as having led the rebranding efforts to Pete’s Living Greens.

Pete Overgaag, Vice President of Innovation and Corporate Strategy, Pete's Living Greens“Having worked with Brian both as a member of the Board and Pete’s Living Greens team member, I’ve really seen Brian step up and prove his leadership skills. He loves the company, our team, our brand, and of course all of our loyal customers! His passion, work ethic, and get-it-done attitude is just what Pete’s Living Greens needs to push us to the next level,” Pete Overgaag, Vice President of Innovation and Corporate Strategy, commented.

Prior to being hired as VP of Sales at Pete’s Living Greens, Brian served as Director of Sales & Marketing at San Miguel Produce, and he has also been on industry committees and the FPFC Board, which he says have all been beneficial to his professional growth. He’s worked in numerous sales and sales management roles expanding about 19 years, covering everything from retail merchandising—such as sign programs—to produce-specific positions.

New company President Brian Cook has led the recent rebrand of Pete’s Living Greens among a number of other professional achievements

“I have been lucky to have a lot of angels in my life,” Brian says. “Mentors that have always been real with me. Their contribution to my development has shaped me into a leader I am proud of. I’d be remiss to not say a HUGE thank you for your contribution, and I look forward to this next phase.”

When I ask about where he’d like to see the company go from here, Brian quotes Heraclitus, telling me, “‘Change is the only constant in life.’ I firmly believe in that philosophy. You can see it in the change within the Living Greens category. To win you must be able to manage through that change. My goal is to assure our team not only understands but embraces this concept. Pete’s Living Greens continues to be a leader in this space, but we cannot become complacent. We will work together, internally and externally, to build on successes and continue to understand and adapt to what consumers are looking for. The future is bright, and we are excited to work with our partners in growing the category.”

Congratulations, Brian, on this latest achievement, and to the Pete’s Living Greens team on the growth that looks to be on the horizon!

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