Pete's Undergoes Brand Refresh

Thu. January 31st, 2019 - by Maggie Mead

CARPINTERIA, CA - It’s, it’s, it’s aliiiive! No, I’m not talking about Universal Pictures' movie monsters, I’m talking about living lettuce, Pete’s Living Greens, to be exact. The Non-GMO Verified “living” greens consumer-facing brand is undertaking a brand refresh, joining the likes of Prince, Madonna, and Cher by shortening its name to just, Pete’s. The refresh is an opportunity for the brand to develop innovative new products and will include a new visual treatment of its packaging. The new marketing is sowing the seeds for eastward expansion.

Brian Cook, President, Pete's“We are confident that the move toward the simplified Pete’s name will help to exemplify our maturation as a company along with our future focus on innovation beyond just the living segment of our product portfolio while still staying true to our roots,” said President Brian Cook in a press release. “We want consumers to associate all current and future Pete’s products with the freshest, safest, and highest-quality greens available because of our hydroponic greenhouse growing methodology.”

The new packaging, which will hit stores by March, will introduce the new, shortened Pete’s name, and will feature a whimsical new look with bold and vibrant colors designed to capture shoppers’ attention. There will also include an increase of on-pack communication, focused on usage and nutritional benefits in conjunction with their well-known product longevity.

Corrie Hutchens, Senior Director of Marketing, Pete's“For so long our communication focus has solely been on the longevity of our butter lettuce and cress varieties given that they are sold with roots intact for added freshness and quality, and the plan isn’t to change that,” said Senior Director of Marketing, Corrie Hutchens. “Our goal is to build on the communication we’ve already established given that freshness and longevity don’t mean anything if consumers can’t find our products in store or don’t know how or what to use our products for.”

The current lineup of products getting the new marketing treatment includes Butter Lettuce, Red Butter Lettuce, Spring Mix, and Cress in conventional and organic options. With the new marketing, consumers will still get the long-lasting produce that the brand is known for, while leaving the door open to branch out into other products.

As a confirmed lettuce lover, I’m personally excited to see what the rebranding brings, and what the company has up its sleeves for the future, and you can bet that AndNowUKnow will keep you posted.