Pratt Industries Highlights Its Speed to Market and Unique Customer Offerings

Wed. July 10th, 2019 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

CONYERS, GA - Produce in the field, on the vine, in the orchard, it's a thing of beauty—so caring for it from its home to the produce department should carry that element of value, distinction, and opportunity as well. Pratt Industries—a supplier of corrugated packaging for customers throughout the country that grow, pack, and ship fresh produce of all kinds—is a company with care and passion at the heart of its values. Pratt brings a partnership with its customers as important as the produce is to them.

Greg Smith, Business Development Manager, Agricultural Packaging, Pratt Industries“By no means are we a me-too company. We want to work with customers who are looking for a partnership that emphasizes innovation, collaboration, and first-rate customer service,” Greg Smith, Business Development Manager, Agricultural Packaging, tells me. “That is what makes us unique.”

Currently, the company is building programs for customers in the California strawberry sector as well as those invested in the East and West Coast peach industries. Mexican limes are always front of mind for Pratt as well as a range of vegetable commodities and Vidalia onions. But the opportunities are endless.

Two things that truly separate Pratt from the pack—ask any of the company’s current customers and they’ll say as much—is that the team is extremely focused on service to its customer.

Pratt designs its boxes to better fit the products, which often results in increased strength and cost savings

“You might ask, ‘What does that mean?’ It means we’re incredibly attentive to what the customer needs, not just what’s in our best interest,” Greg says. “It means we take a bulk of responsibility off of our customers’ plates in the management of packaging materials. We become a partner and not just a supplier. Our customers come to rely on us to handle and manage aspects of their packaging program that they otherwise would normally handle themselves. One example would be inventory management.”

Pratt also prides itself on being innovative in its approach to packaging solutions.

“There are countless instances when we have been able to simply make design modifications to a customer’s existing packaging that has saved them a significant amount of money. That is what we do. We find ways to better fit the box to its purpose which oftentimes results in both increased strength and cost savings,” Greg adds. “In addition, our speed to market allows us to respond to our customers’ needs both quickly and nimbly, as time is one form of currency that we understand is always of utmost importance.

With each supplier comes a unique set of circumstances, and Pratt’s National Machine Program is entirely tailored to each grower/packer/shipper’s specific needs. The company has the ability to provide mechanical packaging support to its customers which saves them a great deal on labor costs and provides additional efficiencies.

So, what is Pratt's vision and mission for impacting the fresh produce and packaging industries? The company is dedicated to serving its customers with superior corrugated packaging solutions through extraordinary service and innovation.

As the saying goes, it’s what's on the inside that counts. But if you ask Pratt, the outsides make a good partner as well.

Pratt Industries