President Miguel Suarez Speaks on the History of Mas Melons & Grapes, LLC

Wed. September 7th, 2016 - by Jordan Okumura

RIO RICO, AZ  With over 20 years of experience in the industry, President of Mas Melons & Grapes, LLC, Miguel A. Suarez, has shared what has led the company to its prominent stature as a vertically-integrated agribusiness.

Today, the company is known annually marketing more than 3 million boxes of melons, grapes, squash, asparagus, cucumbers, avocados, and broccoli through strategic partnerships throughout Mexico. 

Miguel "Miky" Suarez, President, Mas Melons & Grapes"Today, the solid business of relationship Mas Melons & Grapes has built during the last 19 years with most of its global customers, goes beyond the merely business transaction, it is founded in a provocative, customer-driven passion to ethically source the finest and best tasting fruits and vegetables out of Mexico," said Suarez, according to a press release. 

Suarez, best known as Miky, is no stranger to the melon and grape industry. Over 20 years ago, he earned the reputation as being the sales manager with the highest records of Mexican cantaloupe and honeydew melon exports while working for a leading distribution company in Nogales, Arizona. After hearing frequent complaints about the inconsistent quality and lack of taste, he concluded the best solution is to have complete control over the whole process, from production, post-harvest and shipping, all the way from field to distribution.

To achieve this level of control, Suarez decided to partner with some of the best third generation growers in Mexico, with whom he had developed an honesty-driven relationship, and jointly invested on getting key human resources, quality, and food safety certifications. The partnership also sought out state-of-the-industry equipment to guarantee every fruit under the company's Desert Pride® brand is delivered with optimal quality and flavor. 

"Every individual at Mas Melons & Grapes has learned to take care of our customers the way he or she would want to be taken care of. We believe that's important to your continued success, and to ours," continued Suarez.

Mas Melons & Grapes Team

Over the years, said the company, Suarez has dedicated himself to being the preferred supplier of his customers globally by consistently delivering superior quality, flavor, and service.

Mas Melons & Grapes furthers its deliveries of fresh produce into North America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia with investments into state-of-the-art technology. This focus and dedication in the company has allowed for continuous growth, and opportunities for future generations. 

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