Progressive Produce Expands Organic Citrus Program

Thu. December 10th, 2020
- by Lilian Diep     

LOS ANGELES, CA - Organic oranges are on the horizon as grower/packer/shipper Progressive Produce sees an expanded organic Heirloom Navel orange program toward the end of the year and into the first quarter of 2021. Sold under the recently refreshed Nature’s Bounty Organic label, the company’s perfectly sweet and locally grown organic Heirloom Navels will be available from late December until March.

Oscar Guzman, Director of Marketing and Sales, Progressive Produce“We updated the label and brand with a sleek, simplistic design and bright, bold colors to catch consumers’ attention from a distance,” Nature's Bounty Organic Director of Marketing and Sales Oscar Guzman said.

According to the release, the product can be packed in 3 lb bags with bulk sizes also available. The updated packaging will be available for the company’s lemons, grapefruit, Valencia, Navel, and Heirloom Navel oranges.

Progressive Produce is expanding its organic Heirloom Navel orange program toward the end of the year and into the first quarter of 2021, which will be sold under the recently refreshed Nature’s Bounty Organic label

“We are very proud of our grower-partner network that supplies us with the best produce,” commented Guzman. “Most of our citrus is grown locally in California, with seasonal gaps covered by imported citrus.”

As an essential food business, Progressive has been working nonstop to provide a steady supply of fresh produce this year. Progressive’s extensive organic citrus line also includes organic Navel oranges, organic Valencia oranges, organic Cara Cara oranges, organic grapefruit, organic lemons, and specialty citrus.

Progressive Produce also recently opened a new citrus office in Visalia, California

“Our team strives to bring energy and a great attitude every day, ensuring our consistent product quality and superior customer service continues to be paramount in our dealings with our customers,” continued Guzman. “And we’re proud to say that our mission has never shined so brightly.”

With close to 100 years of produce industry experience combined, the new citrus office in Visalia, California, is staffed by industry veterans including Howard Nager, Vice President-Business Development and Marketing; Jonah Reardon, Sales Manager-Citrus; Christine Toy, Sales Manager-Citrus; and Seth Tiller, Sales/Grower Relations-Citrus.

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