Quail H Farms to Outsource Produce Sales Management to Miller Fresh Marketing

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Wed. February 17th, 2016 - by Christofer Oberst

LIVINGSTON, CA – Quail H Farms’ in-house sales manager, Larelle Miller, is leaving the company to start a new business that will handle produce sales for the grower. This transition in sales management will be effective February 29, 2016.

Larelle Miller, Owner, Miller Fresh Marketing Larelle’s newly-formed company, Miller Fresh Marketing, will now manage sweet potato and squash sales, including sales order processing and client account management, for Quail H Farms, as well as two other clients specializing in cherries and pears. 

“Today’s world of technology and electronic communications has afforded sales and marketing professionals the ability to effectively manage client relationships and sales functions more efficiently, even from remote sites,” Larelle said. “This means that I can effectively serve as the sales and marketing arm of several client companies from my own office, with a reduced need to be physically on their sites daily. This is an excellent opportunity to establish another successful, female-owned business within the produce industry and the ability to pursue the development of my own company with reputable clients already backing me in the venture is priceless.”

Quail H Farms

Although she will continue to report directly to Jack E. Smith, Quail H Farms’ Co-Owner and Chief Executive, Larelle will be classified as an independent contractor and will no longer be an employee of Quail H Farms, according to a press release.

Jack E. Smith, Co-Owner and CEO, Quail H Farms“We are ecstatic that Larelle is motivated to expand her sales and marketing reach into additional produce markets, and this arrangement is the only logical solution to her desire to do that without the potential for conflicts,” said Smith. “Quail H Farms, LLC has benefited tremendously from Larelle’s produce industry contacts, knowledge base, and reputation, and we feel that this will allow her to develop those mutually beneficial relationships even further.”

Quail H Farms

Overall, both parties see this as an extremely positive move that will give Larelle the opportunity to continue building her sales and marketing company, as well as remain as a key component of Quail H Farms’ marketing success.

Quail H Farms