Red Sun Farms™ Talks Sustainability and Innovation in Exclusive Video

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Thu. October 6th, 2022 - by ANUK Staff

ONTARIO, CANADA - Innovation and sustainability go hand in hand when it comes to delivering high-quality produce to our customers.

At Red Sun Farms™, we believe in the goodness of being greenhouse-grown—and know how this can benefit our retail partners.

Here’s What’s in Store.

Better flavor profiles across our product portfolio, year-round availability, and renewable energy are just a few examples highlighting the benefits of greenhouse-grown.

Red Sun Farms™ keeps environmental impact and sustainability top of mind in everything it does, from the high-tech greenhouses it grows in to the packaging it sources

All of our produce is grown in a controlled high-tech environment with abilities to reduce waste whenever possible.

For example, our tomato production uses up to five times less water by recycling the rainwater that gathers on the roofs of our greenhouses. Water that is not used by the plant is sterilized, reconditioned, and once again recycled back into the greenhouse.

In addition, our high-tech greenhouse structures and strict protocols ensure we use Integrated Pest Management whenever possible and naturally pollinate with the use of bumblebees, which increases crop yield and improves quality.

All of Red Sun Farms’ produce is grown in a controlled high-tech environment, and the grower optimizes Integrated Pest Management to increase crop yield and improve quality

We are proud of our environmental stewardship initiatives. Environmental impact and sustainability is top of mind in everything we do, from the high-tech greenhouses we grow in all the way down to the packaging we source.

Thank you for watching, What’s in Store.

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