RemBrandt Fruit's Joe Brandt Discusses Stonefruit for Retail

Tue. June 2nd, 2020
- by Lilian Diep     

WAPATO, WA - As the weather warms, there’s nothing like some seasonal produce to get us ready for summertime. What better way to capture that excitement than with delicious stonefruit? RemBrandt Fruit has just the selection consumers are craving and retailers are buying.

Joe Brandt, Sales Manager, RemBrandt Fruit“We are shaping up for a great Washington stonefruit season," shares Joe Brandt, Sales Manager. For this upcoming year, Rembrandt is expecting to have more than double the volume.

With great growing weather post-bloom and plenty of land to utilize, the grower is now primed and ready to grow optimal stonefruit sizes for retail this upcoming season.

“Right now, we are getting ready for apricots and are about six weeks away from peaches and nectarines,” Joe continues. “Things are progressing nicely.”

In addition to Mother Nature’s good will, Joe explains the company’s promising volume is thanks in part to an acquisition of a significant amount of stonefruit acreage from a neighboring company.

For this upcoming year, RemBrandt Fruit is expecting to have a fantastic stonefruit season with more than double the volume

“The acquisition had set us up quite nicely for the future in the stonefruit category here in Washington,” Joe says.

To help ensure its retail partners have an amazing season, RemBrandt provides high-quality POS materials, such as end cap displays and pouch bags featuring the grower’s family story.

With fruit maturing just as the RemBrandt team expects, retailers can look forward to ample promotional opportunities this summer. AndNowUKnow will continue to bring the freshest news from the ag industry, so look forward to the latest.

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