Reports: Industry Comments on Changing Bell Pepper Prices; Tony Incaviglia and Oscar Trujillo Discuss

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Wed. March 2nd, 2022 - by Peggy Packer

UNITED STATES & MEXICO - It was recently reported by the United States Department of Agriculture that bell pepper prices are currently on the rise. To get a deeper understanding of the current pricing and the factors impacting it, I got in touch with some of our industry friends for some market insights.

Tony Incaviglia, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, GR FreshPricing is climbing and will continue throughout the week,” Tony Incaviglia, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for GR Fresh, tells me. “The cold weather several weeks back caused heavy bloom drop throughout the Southeast, including deep into south Florida. In Western Mexico, similar weather patterns have impacted supply as well. The weather will improve through the week, and demand remains strong, currently exceeding supply, which is always a welcomed trend. Don’t be surprised as markets will eclipse into the low 20’s for large, extra-large, and jumbo-size grade, and into the mid-teens for choice, medium sizing.”

As these weather conditions play out, we at ANUK will continue keeping our eyes on the market.

Bell pepper market pricing is currently on the rise, in part due to weather conditions across several growing regions, leading to demand exceeding supplies

Oscar Trujillo, Mexican Sales for Bridges Produce also offered insight on what the company is seeing in terms of pricing in an exclusive statement to AndNowUKnow.

Oscar Trujillo, Category Manager of Mexican Sales, Bridges Produce“There has been the normal seasonal flush of production in January with prices dropping quickly. Production then stabilized, and the prices have rebounded,” says Trujillo. “That said, there has been some slightly cooler weather recently that could tighten up supplies a little. At the moment, we are actually seeing a slight adjustment downward in bell pepper prices after the initial rebound, but overall we hope to keep stable prices similar to what we are seeing this week.”

AndNowUKnow will continue to keep a close watch on the bell pepper market, so stay tuned.